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  1. Hours of Operation
    1. Observed Holidays
  2. Dress Code
  3. Animals
  4. Phone
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Fundraising
  7. Vending machines
  8. Lost and Found
  9. Sign Posting
    1. Posting guidelines
  10. Personal Property
  11. Surveillance Monitoring
  12. Bikes
  13. Parking Lot
  14. Prohibited Activities
  15. Restricted Activities
  16. Unattended Children
  17. Disruptive Patrons
  18. Confidentiality of Personal Records
    1. Privacy of Education Records
    2. Release of Public Information
  19. Sexual Harassment
    1. Handling Complaints
  20. JCLC Website
  21. Wireless Internet Access
  22. Computer Policy
    1. Acceptable uses
    2. Violations
  23. Internet Usage and Email
  24. Disciplinary Actions
  25. Equal Patron Rights
    1. Right to Freedom from Discrimination
  26. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  27. Safety
  28. Accident
  29. Inspection of Properties
  30. JCLC Closings

Property and Building Policy

The Jackson Learning Center (JCLC) is committed to providing learning center patrons with a setting that is conducive to learning center activities.

These policies are set forth for the tenants, students, faculty, staff, guests and patrons of the JCLC (collectively defined as the "patrons" in this Policy).

I. Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7:30 am-9:00 pm (Hours of operation may vary based on class schedules.)

Saturday- As needed

Sunday- Closed

A. Observed Holidays

The JCLC will be closed on the following days:

New Years Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

JCLC may be closed other days as designated by the Director.

If one of the above holidays is on a Saturday, then it will be observed on the previous Friday, or in accordance with local custom. If one of the above holidays is on a Sunday, it will be observed on the following Monday, or in accordance with local custom.

II. Dress Code [Return to the Index]

Shirts and shoes are required while on JCLC property. JCLC recognizes its responsibility to the community. As a part of its responsibility, the JCLC encourages good taste in clothing. Freedom of dress and appearance is an individual's choice; however, patrons should show sufficient respect of self and others in dress and appearance. For safety, some labs or classes may prohibit shorts, tank tops, or opened-toed shoes. Educational institutions utilizing the JCLC may impose more restrictive guidelines for the dress and appearance of their respective patrons.

III. Animals [Return to the Index]

Animals may not be brought onto JCLC property except under the following circumstances:

IV. Phone [Return to the Index]

There are no public telephones on the property. To make an important call (i.e., for a ride), the reception area staff may make a brief call on your behalf.

Cell phone use is limited to the hallways, common area, and outside the building. As a courtesy to other patrons, phones and beepers should be set to vibrate.

V. Housekeeping [Return to the Index]

It is every JCLC patron's responsibility to maintain bathrooms, common areas, and classrooms in a sanitary condition and to clean up after use of each area.

Dumpsters on JCLC property are for JCLC use and MUST NOT be used for disposing of personal items. If patrons are found illegally dumping trash materials, local authorities will be contacted.

VI. Fundraising [Return to the Index]

Soliciting and fundraising of any kind is prohibited on JCLC property unless previously approved by the JCLC Director.

VII. Vending Machines [Return to the Index]

An area has been provided by JCLC for vending machines. See the JCLC receptionist if there are any questions regarding the vending machines. The vending machines are provided for your convenience. Wrappers and containers should be disposed of in the proper receptacle. There are trash cans and recycling bins provided. Please recycle all paper, aluminum, and plastic in the proper receptacle. AVI Food Systems Inc. are responsible for the stocking of machines. JCLC will not be responsible for any money lost in the vending machines.

VIII. Lost and Found [Return to the Index]

Lost and Found items should be taken to the receptionist's desk. If you have lost an item please check with the receptionist on duty. Lost items will be held for 30 days. After 30 days, items will be given to an appropriate charitable organization or disposed of. Trash is the property of JCLC.

IX. Sign Posting [Return to the Index]

Bulletin Boards are mounted throughout the JCLC common area. Some boards are designated for specific uses. These designated boards are for those purposes only. Other boards are designated as "general use" bulletin boards. Each board will be designated and labeled. General use boards are for use by JCLC patrons to keep the JCLC community informed of items of interest and to share information. All materials posted must be approved by the JCLC Director with a signature and date of removal posted on the sign. Only one copy of each document will be posted on the board and must not displace or cover other posted material.

A. Posting guidelines include but are not limited to:

X. Personal Property [Return to the Index]

JCLC is not responsible for personal property on, in or about the JCLC property.

XI. Surveillance Monitoring [Return to the Index]

JCLC conducts video and/or audio surveillance of JCLC property, excluding bathrooms. Surveillance is conducted for safety reasons and security purposes.

XII. Bikes [Return to the Index]

All bicycles must be secured in JCLC bicycle racks. Bikes are not allowed inside the JCLC building.

XIII. Parking Lot [Return to the Index]

The JCLC provides a parking lot for the convenience of all learning center users. Please respect the rights and property of others by driving cautiously at all times. Report all accidents to the JCLC Director. Please do your part in keeping the parking lot and all JCLC property clean. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle and lock vehicle at all times. The Jackson County Learning Center is not responsible for items stolen from your vehicle. If you park in an unauthorized area (i.e., handicap without proper identification of handicap needs) your vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.

No vehicles may be left on JCLC property overnight unless preapproved by the JCLC Director. Vehicles left overnight that are not preapproved by the JCLC Director may be towed at the owner's expense.

XIV. The following are prohibited on JCLC property: [Return to the Index]

XV. The following activities are limited (as noted) to specific areas of the JCLC: [Return to the Index]

XVI. Unattended Children:

The JCLC is not responsible for unattended children. [Return to the Index]

Children must be directly supervised by an adult or an individual age 16 or
older and are restricted to the common area. In addition no children should be left unattended in vehicles or outside on JCLC property.

If a parent or guardian of an unattended child under the age of ten cannot be contacted within a half hour, the staff will contact the police.

If the JCLC is closing and the parent or guardian cannot be reached immediately, the
police will be contacted.

XVII. Disruptive Patrons [Return to the Index]

JCLC patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which shows respect for others using the JCLC. Disruptive conduct is not allowed.

JCLC staff members may ask JCLC patrons who are considered disruptive to leave the premises immediately.Any person who poses a health or safety risk, a nuisance to other persons, or damages JCLC property shall be required to leave the premises.

XVIII. Confidentiality of Personal Records [Return to the Index]

  1. A.Privacy of Education Records

JCLC protects the privacy of student education records.

B. Release of Public Information

Student or patron information will not be released to the public without written authorization of the student or patron.

XIX.Sexual Harassment [Return to the Index]

JCLC prohibits any form of sexual harassment of any JCLC patron by faculty, peers, vendors, or any other person. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and all other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature.

A. Handling Complaints

The JCLC Director and staff are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere free of harassment. Individuals are also responsible for respecting the rights of their peers. If you should experience any harassment while in, on or about the JCLC premises, the incident should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the JCLC Director.

All sexual harassment complaints will be given a prompt and thorough investigation by the JCLC Director and staff in a timely and confidential manner. Following such investigation, the matter may be referred to the proper authorities. This investigation may include individual interviews with parties involved, and when necessary, with individuals who may have observed the alleged conduct or may have relevant knowledge.

XX. JCLC Website [Return to the Index]

For general information on JCLC, including courses, meeting room availability, and closings, as well as links to helpful websites, visit

XXI. Wireless Internet Access [Return to the Index]

JCLC provides wireless internet connection for the use of patrons to further educational purposes. Use of the JCLC wireless network is governed by all applicable local, state and federal laws, and such other rules and regulations adopted by the JCLC.

XXII. Computer Policy [Return to the Index]

A. Acceptable Uses

Computer users are expected to:

1. Use equipment with reasonable care and in ways that avoid harm to user, equipment or others

2. Respect the privacy of other computer users

3. Respect other JCLC users and JCLC by using resources with reasonable care and in a responsible manner

B. Violations include:

1. Attempting to gain unauthorized access to computing, information, or communications devices or resources, including the disrupting or monitoring of electronic communications

2. Using sounds or visuals which provoke or threaten others

3. Interfering with the computing activities of others through use of cell phones or other electronic devices

4. Harassing, libeling, or slandering others

5. Viewing sexually or violently explicit images except as part of a required educational offering for which the student is enrolled.

6. Making unauthorized copies of protected materials

7. Saving, downloading, or installing files or software to JCLC computer hard drives

8. Violating computer system security, network usage policies and regulations, or software and database license agreements

9. Making unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identifications assigned to others

10.Introducing Viruses

11. Violating applicable federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, rules or regulations

XXIII. Internet Usage and Email [Return to the Index]

All internet and email usage is to be used in a lawful, productive and professional manner and shall be subject to the JCLC Computer Policy.

XXIV. Disciplinary Actions [Return to the Index]

Anyone violating the JCLC's outlined policies will be asked to leave the facility. If violating patrons refuse to leave, the police will be contacted.

XXV. Equal Patron Rights [Return to the Index]

A. Right to Freedom from Discrimination

Patrons have the right to study, work, and interact in an environment that is free from discrimination in violation of law or JCLC policy by any member of the JCLC community. Patrons at JCLC are expected to respect the rights and dignity of other patrons.

JCLC will not exclude any person from participation in its programs or activities on the basis of such characteristics as age, color, disability, ethnicity, sex or gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. A patron has the right to be free from such discrimination by others that has the effect of interfering with the patron's ability to participate in programs or activities of the JCLC.

XXVI. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The JCLC is committed to full compliance with the ADA. In order for the JCLC to meet this commitment, it is the responsibility of the patron to notify the JCLC Director in writing, of any reasonable accommodation which may be required and to discuss the accommodation and possible alternatives with the JCLC Director and staff.

XXVII. Safety (fire/tornado/ lockdown) [Return to the Index]

Patrons should take note of the posted fire and tornado evacuation plans posted in each area of the JCLC. In the event of a tornado all patrons should take shelter in the nearest restroom. In the event of a fire all patrons should leave the building via the nearest exit. In the event of an earthquake all patrons should take cover under a table or in a steel- framed doorway. For further emergency action plans please see the Emergency Action Handbook located in each classroom and the common area.

XXIII. Accident [Return to the Index]

An incident report must be filled out for any and all accidents occurring on, in or about the JCLC property. Please go to the receptionist to have a report filled out.

XXIX. Inspection of Properties [Return to the Index]

We reserve the right to search all JCLC property at any time and without notice.

XXX. JCLC Closings [Return to the Index]
All patrons are asked to check, and/or area media to learn if classes have been cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


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